10. Pornfilmfestival Berlin –


And the winner is…

The tenth porn film festival Berlin is over and the juries announced the winners of 2015!

Best Short Film 2015:

by Pandora Blake

Pandora Blake

We loved the film, because it is told in a beautiful set with three charismatic actors, who together unfold a simple and clear story that is at the same time playful and sweet.
The two younger characters shine, experiencing brave first times on screen, fostered by a central character that creates a safe space for their intimacy to grow.
This film is important in the context of new UK laws criminalizing kink content on VOD platforms. This film acts as a protest, depicting queer feminist and ethical kink. The producer has been defiant in her advocacy on national and international news, and we applaud her for speaking out to defend pornography in this political climate.

Special Mention:

By Katy Bit & 23

Katy Bit

The Jury also awards an honorable mention to LAST CALL, which was exquisitely beautiful, subtle, erotic and technically crafted.

Best Documentary Film 2015:

By Antonio Centeno & Raúl de la Morena

Antonio Centeno, Raúl de la Morena

The movie YES WE FUCK not only talks about the sexuality of people with disabilities but actually shows scenes of lust and pleasure. This film is not only informative. IT’S HOT!

Best Feature Film 2015:

By Gustavo Vinagre

Gustavo Vinagre

You know that you have a great film when you are left wishing that it was longer. Even at its length it was a fully realized feature. This is a film that kept us thinking about its challenging material long after the final credits rolled.
Within its tight run time we found unique story telling. It was authentic, personal and charming with likeable performers who handled the extreme subject matter exquisitely.
So it is with our great pleasure that we wish to announce, what we believe is an important film for this year’s Berlin Porn Film Festivals feature film award competition.

Best Director 2015:


Maike Brochhaus

Being a true ‘child’ of the porn film festival Berlin Maike Brochhaus decided after visiting the festival to direct her first feature length movie HÄPPCHENWEISE, which was a true audience’s darling at the festival in 2013!
In her second movie SCHNICK SCHNACK SCHNUCK she shows impressively how her directing skills developed since then and how elaborate her visual language is. She truely has a message, but also knows to tell about it with a twinkle in her eyes.

Lifetime Achievement Award:


Bob Alvarez

Dear Bob,
it was an honor and a pleasure having you here with us during the festival. We are thankful that you shared your treasures with us. Not only the treasures you brought from your private archive of film copies, but also the treasures of memories, experiences and stories about the hopes and dreams of being a pornogapher in the 1970s. With the 8 films you brought to the retrospective you showed us how creative, artful, inventive, dark or funny porn can be if you just treat it with respect and ambition. As cinema. As an art form. For your contributions in giving the history of gay porn some of its most beautiful moments, and also dedicated to the memory of your artistic partner at Hand In Hand Films and your partner in life for more than 20 years, Jack Deveau, the curators of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin want to give you this Lifetime Achievement Award.